Easy Read Explanation Of SIM And The StopSIM Coalition

There are people with mental health problems and people who support them who are worried about something happening in the NHS in England. The NHS is the National Health Service and it is where people go to get help when they are ill in the UK.

There are lots of mental health problems. You can find out about them here https://www.cntw.nhs.uk/home/accessible-information/easy-read/self-help-guides/

When people have mental health problems sometimes they can feel so bad they might want to hurt themselves or might want to die.

When people hurt themselves or are feeling very bad they might need to go to hospital.

They might need to go in an ambulance or they might need help from the police. People might need help from a community mental health team.

People can need lots of help from ambulances, police, hospital or the mental health team because they feel so bad or hurt themselves a lot.

People can get therapy or medication to help with their mental health problems.

There is also something call Serenity Integrated Mentoring. This is called SIM for short.

There is a group of people who do not think SIM is good for people with mental health problems.

They don’t think it’s good because:

  1. There is not much research to say SIM helps. Research is finding out if something helps or not.
  2. People might not always get the help they need from hospital.
  3. People might not be asked if they want help from SIM.
  4. People might get in trouble with the police when they feel very bad or hurt themselves even if they have done nothing wrong.
  5. People think it is more about saving money than helping people feel better.

Because of these things, the people who are worried about SIM have made a petition. A petition is something people to sign to get things changed.

The petitions wants:

  1. The NHS in England to stop using SIM
  2. People to do research about SIM