Safer Spaces Policy

The StopSIM Coalition is a collection of activists from across the United Kingdom. We are past or present service users, carers and allies (in addition to many other things). Alongside the actions of this campaign we all have further commitments to juggle including day jobs and / or other responsibilities and the difficulties of managing life as mentally ill / disabled / neurodivergent people.

The StopSIM coalition formed in April 2021. There is no one individual responsible for its establishment. Multiple service users have been speaking up about Serenity Integrated Mentoring and the High Intensity Network for a length of time; concerns were raised as far back as 2018. We seek to protect service users currently involved with this intervention and will uphold their protection and safety. It is also our priority to protect ourselves (members of the coalition) as activists and individuals. In view of this we agree the following: 

  • We will not put media in contact with SIM Service Users under any circumstances.  
  • We will not share anything which a SIM service User has shared with us in confidence with any other parties. We prioritise the anonymity of those at risk under the programme. However, we will not prevent individuals from speaking out publicly if they choose to.
  • We are not a peer support group; while seeking to treat service users, members of the public and supporters sensitively, we cannot offer emotional or practical support. 
  • We cannot respond to individuals in crisis situations or contact emergency services.
  • We stand in solidarity with those from minoritised groups including disabled people, trans, queer, black and brown folk of all ethnicities, cultures, gender identities, sexualities, faiths, beliefs, sizes and social class. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form.
  • We recognise the intersectionality of marginalisation and the disproportionate impact police involvement in mental health treatment has on some communities. 
  • The StopSim Coalition understands how important it is to be heard, and we value your experiences. However, we ask that people are mindful of their comments and contacts and the impact this may have on others. We will (and we ask others to) avoid graphic detail of things which may be triggering, especially around police and include trigger warnings where necessary. 
  • We will not be able to continue to work with any individual who breaches these values.